AE センサを用いたメカニカルアンカの非破壊検査技術の開発

Development of non-destructive inspection technique for mechanical anchor bolts using AE sensor
匂坂 充行 Mitsuyuki SAGISAKA 松永 嵩 Takashi MATSUNAGA 小川 良太 Ryota OGAWA 鵜飼 康史 Yasufumi UKAI 礒部 仁博 Yoshihiro ISOBE
カテゴリ: 第12回


A new non-destructive inspection technique with using acoustic emission (AE) sensor was developed for the purpose of overcoming problems originating in existing hammering test. The new technique enables us to obtain inspection results with no dependence on personal skills of a checker, and to judge the integrity of the bolts based on quantitative measurement results. The investigation of applying the new method to mechanical anchor bolts is reported. From experimental results by using this technique, the trend of peak frequency changes obtained from concrete blocks with no crack has a clear tendency to increase with increasing tightening torque. In addition, the peak frequency obtained from the bolt installed in the cracked concrete block decreases compared with one in no-crack concrete block. These results indicate the possibility that both looseness of nut and degradations such as cracking in concrete could be detected by the new technique.