SCC内部導電率分布を考慮したECTによる 深さサイジング技術高度化

Improvement of a SCC depth-sizing technique using ECT analysis with detailed investigation of SCC conductivity distribution
堀 輝人 Teruhito HORI 高瀬 健太郎 Kentaro TAKASE 越智 文洋 Fumihiro OCHI 佐藤 友康 Tomoyasu SATO
カテゴリ: 第10回


In the field of nondestructive inspection by eddy current testing, various approaches to the depth-sizing of SCCs by numerical inversion analysis have been taken so far. However, its accuracy is not so high and limited to a certain extent because of no information about the real value of inner conductivity of SCCs. Therefore, we first investigated experimentally the inner conductivity distribution of several artificial SCCs by a precise mechanical processing and 4 terminal resistance measurement. From this result, we acquired the information about the conductivity transition that was parabolically curved from the opening surface to the bottom edge of the crack. Then, reflecting this result to our simulation model, we have formed a new standard map for the depth-sizing of SCCs. As a result, the sizing accuracy has been improved compared to that by a model without the experimental data about the conductivity distribution of SCCs.