SUS304 鋼のクリープ変形における強磁性相生成のPhase-field シミュレーション

Phase-field simulation on the formation of ferromagnetic phaseduring creep deformation in SUS304 steel
塚田 祐貴 Yuhki TSUKADA 白木 厚寛 Atsuhiro SHIRAKI 村田 純教 Yoshinori MURATA 森永 正彦 Masahiko MORINAGA 高屋 茂 Shigeru TAKAYA 小山 敏幸 Toshiyuki KOYAMA
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The formation of the ferromagnetic a phase during creep deformation in SUS304 steel was simulated by a hase-field method. In order to consider the precipitation and growth of the phase simultaneously, we have onstru cted a model based on experimental results. In this model, strain energy stored near M23Co carbide uring creep deformation increases the driving force for precipitation of the a phase. This strain energy is stimated on the basis of distribution function of dislocation density in space near the carbide and is used in he calculation of the activation energy for nucleation of the a phase. Changes in mole fraction of both123Co carb ide and the a phase are reproduced well in this simulation. Furthermore, it is found that the ncrease rate of dislocation density during creep process affects the manner of the change in mole fraction of ne a phase.