Automatic Diagnosis Method for Inverter Controlled Rotating Machinery Using DP Matching, Histogram of Frequency Domain and Principal Component Analysis
小林 祐介 Yusuke KOBAYASHI 富田 優 Masaru TOMITA 宋 瀏陽 Liuyang SONG 陳山 鵬 Ho JINYAMA
カテゴリ: 論文


In recent years, inverter controlled rotating machines are becoming major for saving energy and maintenance labor. Up to now many kinds of methods about diagnosing rotating machines are proposed, but most of them are applicable only for machines rotating at constant speed. When rotating speed change, the acceleration signal measured for diagnosis becomes quite different. And applying the reviously proposed methods to invertercontrolled machines is difficult. So, in this paper, the method in which the diagnosing methods proposed previously (histogram of frequency domain and principal component analysis) are applied to inverter-controlled machines after identifying rotating the speed automatically from the spectrum data of acceleration sensors using DP matching, is proposed. Also, in this paper, to verify this method, the usefulness of this method is confirmed using the equipment which simulates a rotating machine.



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