JAEA における核鑑識技術開発の取組み

Activities of Nuclear Forensics R&D at JAEA
大久保 綾子 Ayako OOKUBO 木村 祥紀 Yoshiki KIMURA 篠原 伸夫 Nobuo SHINOHARA 玉井 広史 Hiroshi TAMAI 富川 裕文 Hirofumi TOMIKAWA 、臼田 重和 Shigekazu USUDA
カテゴリ: 第13回


Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) initiated R&D for nuclear forensics in 2011, responding to the Japanese national statement at Nuclear Security Summit in 2010. We have developed the basic analytical techniques required for nuclear forensics (isotopic composition analysis, impurity analysis, particle analysis, age-dating, prototype nuclear forensics library) and made efforts to sophistication of these technology as well. Through participating the 4th ITWG Collaborative material exercises, we could test our analytical techniques on real material of the fuel pellet and the crushed pellet. We have collaborated with U.S. Department of Energy and EURATOM in technical development and in information exchange for nuclear forensics. In order to identify issues to build corresponding system for nuclear forensics event, we have investigated foreign activities for capacity building against nuclear forensics event.