AE センサを用いたケミカルアンカの非破壊検査技術の開発 (2) 理論的検討

Development of non-destructive inspection technique for adhesive anchor bolts using AE sensor (2) Theoretical examination
小川 良太 Ryota OGAWA 江藤 淳二 Junji ETOH 松永 嵩 Takashi MATSUNAGA 礒部 仁博 Yoshihiro ISOBE
カテゴリ: 第11回


We have developed a non-destructive inspection technique using the AE (acoustic em sion) sensor. It is intended to be non-destructive evaluation in soundness of the adhesion anchor is installed in a nuclear power plant. We analyzed the Eigen frequ cy of the adhesive anchor measured by the AE sensor using a finite element method . Results of the analysis of the Eigen frequency, the change in Eigen frequency cou ld be confirmed between the adhesive anchor which simulates the Peeling of the resi n by aging degradation and defective workmanship and Healthy adhesive anchor. More er, the result of comparison examination with an experimental result is reported.