3.95 MeV X-band Linacを用いた高エネルギーX線非破壊検査装置の開発

Development of High Energy X-ray NDT System with 3.95 MeV X-band Linac
山本 智彦 Tomohiko YAMAMOTO 夏井 拓也 Takuya NATSI 上坂 充 Mitsuru UESAKA 田辺 英二 Eiji TANABE 中村 直樹 Naoki NAKAMURA 山本 昌志 Masashi YAMAMOTO
カテゴリ: 第5回


We are developing portable non-destructive testing (NDT) X-ray source with X-band linac and low power magnetron. Now, we start the experiment of electron acceleration and X-ray generation using by 950 keV X-band linac NDT system. The 950 keV X-band linac X-ray generator is under development for corrosion wastage of tubes and condition bas ed maintenance of impeller pumps. However, about 1 MeV X-ray source can be only used for thin tubes of about 20 mm thickness. Therefore, we start to design about 4 MeV X-band linac X-ray NDT systems. By more high energy, the range of application is broader. We think that this X-ray NDT system will be used for corrosion wastage and crackin g in thicker tubes at nuclear plants and larger impeller pumps. This system consist of X-band linac, thermionic cathode electron gun, magnetron and waveguide components etc. For higher electric field works out, the 3.95 MeV X-band linac structure is adopted side-coupled structure. This structure is more effective acceleration than 950 keV Linac with alternating periodic structure (APS). We adopt 1.3 MW magnetron for RF source. This accelerator system is about 30cm long. The beam current is about 150 mA, and X-ray dose rate is 10 Gy@lm/500 pps. In this paper, the detail of the whole system concept and the electromagnetic field of designed linac structure will be reported.