SUS316L 鋼の表面残留応力に及ぼす機械加工の影響

Effect of Surface Grinding on Residual Stress in Low Carbon Austenitic Stainless Steel SUS316L
中東 重雄 Shigeo NAKAHIGASHI 山本 厚之 Atsuyukitu YAMAMOTO 山田 孝行 Takayuki YAMADA 劉 莉 Lin LIU 寺澤 倫孝 Mititaka TERASAWA 三田村 徹 Tohru MITAMURA 椿野 晴繁 Harushige TSUBAKINO 菖蒲 敬久 Takahisa SHOBU 秋庭 義明 Yoshiaki AKINIWA
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Suppressing the stress corrosion cracking by reducing carbon contents in austenitic stainless steels seems to be not effective on core shrouds used in boiling water reactor in Japan. Trans-granul ar cracking was found out in the shrouds. To clarify a mechanism of the cracking, stress measurement on specimens under stretched condition in hot water has been attempted in the present study. A n in-situ device for diffraction measurements in synchrotron radiation facility has been developed by the present authors, and the experiments have been carried out in SPring-8. The specimen of S US316 steel was solution heat treated and surface-ground. Side inclination method was applied for measuring stress exerted in the specimen. A 20 -sin? plot showed that tensile stress was induced.