Mechanism study of Directivity of TR probe for Eddy Current Testing of Magnetic Structural Material

Shurui ZHANG Sho TAKEDA Tetsuya UCHIMOTO Toshiyuki TAKAGI Mitsuo HASHIMOTO Ziyue XU (東北大) Yanzhen ZHAO (西安交通大)
カテゴリ: 第16回


Eddy Current Testing signals of the transmission/receiver (TR) type probe can be influenced by the directivity of the probe. In the previous study, ECT signal change due to scanning angle was evaluated in ferromagnetic material using a TR type probe, but the mechanism of the change is still not clear. In this study, ECT is conducted changing the orientation of the TR probe both on carbon steel and on austenitic stainless steel, to investigate the mechanism. The results show that the directivity of the probe is different on these two materials due to the existence of magnetic flux leakage. Also, the tendency of ECT signal with magnetism is clarified by the relationship between orientation and amplitude.