IoTを活用した高度な振動診断  ~無線ネットワーク型設備診断システムの紹介~

Advanced vibration diagnosis using IoT ~Introduction of mesh-type wireless vibration monitoring system~
吉永 岳 (旭化成エンジニアリング)
カテゴリ: 第17回


The evolution of IoT technology in recent years has been remarkable, and its use is accelerating in various situations in our lives. Under these circumstances, there is an urgent need to utilize IoT as an issue for production efficiency, quality improvement, and safe and stable production even at production sites. To realize stable operation of production equipment, it’s important to detect signs of equipment failure in advance and take appropriate countermeasures to minimize outage loss of equipment. Production equipment usually has many rotating equipment such as pumps, fans, and motors. Vibration diagnosis has been widely applied to detect their abnormal signs and identify the abnormal part and the cause of the abnormality. This paper introduces the development process, product outline, and application examples of the wireless sensor network type equipment diagnostic system (nearline) developed by Asahi Kasei Engineering based on the problems in the conventional vibration diagnostic system.