SAFER 基地の見学と NRC リージョンIIIでの意見交換

Overview of SAFER facilities and exchange of opinions at NRC region III
山崎 謙吾 Kengo YAMAZAKI
カテゴリ: 第14回


The SAFER facility is to be established as a third step to support FLEX as a measure to obtain sufficient resources from outside the site in order to maintain the mitigation function indefinitely. That is, the first stage corresponds to permanent equipment for 8 hours from the event, the second phase corresponds to the support by portable equipment in the site (8 to 24 hours), the third stage corresponds to support of SAFER (after 24 hours ). For this reason, it is a requirement to carry the necessary equipment within 24 hours upon request from the power plant. We visited the facility this time and confirmed the equipment specifications and operation situation. In addition, NRC Region III exchanged views on US FLEX strategy and ROP.