Web 型遠隔自動振動診断システムの開発

Development of the Web type Remote Automatic Vibration Diagnosis System
迫 孝司 Takashi SAKO 妹尾 始朗 Shirou SENOO 岩崎 俊二 Shunji IWASAKI 荒木 竜二 Ryuji ARAKI 田村 孝市 Kouichi TAMURA
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The vibration method is most used in various condition monitoring technology of the rotary machines. This time, the Web type automatic vibration diagnostic system was developed for the purpose of support of condition monitoring and diagnosis. In this system, if vibration measurement data is sent to the server of our company through the Internet, automatic diagnosis will be carried out. The result can download as a diagnostic report. By this system, working efficiency of the diagnostic technical engineer who is conducting a lot of data analyses usually can be attained. Furthermore, it became possible with an overseas plant as well that the same diagnosis support as the domestic plant was taken.