「ASCC 感受性の予兆診断手法に関する研究

A Study of Testing Method for Predictive-Monitoring of IASCC Susceptibility
根本 義之 Yoshiyuki NEMOTO 上野 文義 Fumiyoshi UENO 永江 勇二 Yuji NAGAE 高屋 茂 Shigeru TAKAYA 吉武 庸光 Tsunemitsu YOSHITAKE 青砥 紀身 Kazumi AOTO 塚田 隆 Takashi TSUKADA
カテゴリ: 第3回


This study proposes a predictive monitoring method for irradiation assisted stress corrosion cracking (IASCC) of austenitic stainless steels. High purity model austenitic stainless steel s were irradiated up to ldpa or 5dpa in JRR-3. IASCC susceptibility of the irradiated specimens was determined by scanning electro microscopy (SEM) on fractured surface of the specimens after slow strain rate tensile (SSRT) testing in high temperature water simulating boiling water reactor (BWR) conditions. Magnetic property of these specimens on the grip section was me asured by flux gate (FG) sensor. The magnetic parameter seems to depend on IASCC susceptibility. Predictive IASCC monitoring method is proposed to develop by application of this result.