AREVA Computer Codes for Radiological Consequence Analysis

AREVA Computer Codes for Radiological Consequence Analysis
Silke Torchiani Oliver Buss Stephane Haussler Oliver Ludwik Axel Hoefer Christoph Stiepani
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To assess radiological consequences, first an evaluation of the source term (i.e. activity release into the environment) has to be performed. This is followed by atmospheric dispersion calculations and dose assessment for the population. There are different purposes for a radiological consequence analysis, among which is the design and licensing of a nuclear installation as well as emergency preparedness and emergency response. For the different purposes, dedicated software tools are needed, which have to be sufficiently flexible to meet current and future needs. In particular, the user shall be able to take into account requirements set by a safety authority or client and to include specific information on a nuclear power plant. This paper describes three different software tools which could be used to calculated activity release from NPP to the environment in different accidental situation.