BWR 環境下での渦電流モニタリングによる In-situ き裂進展評価の検討

In-situ Crack Evaluation using Eddy Current Monitoring in a Boiling Water Reactor Environment
糟谷 高志 Takashi KASUYA 奥山 武志 Takeshi OKUYAMA 遠藤 久 Hisashi ENDO 内一 哲哉 Tetsuya UCHIMOTO 高木 敏行 Toshiyuki TAKAGI 庄子 哲雄 Tetsuo SHOJI
カテゴリ: 第1回


Abstract This paper discusses the possibility of in-situ evaluation of crack propagation using Eddy Current Monitoring (ECM) system in a Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) environment. For the purpose, an ECM experiment was conducted at the System Safety Benchma rk Facility (SSBF). The target for the monitoring was a large-scale pipe specimen made of austenitic stainless steels 304L, 316L, and carbon steel STS410, connected by weld joints of nickel based alloy 182. Slits were prepared at the Heat Affected Zones ( HAZs) and weld lines from the inner surface of the pipe specimen. Eddy Current Testing (ECT) probes were arranged on the outer surface of the pipe specimen, and observed crack propagation of slits. In order to discuss the crack propagation quantitatively , numerical simulation of eddy current signals was also carried out. The numerical signals are consistent with the experimental ones, suggesting that the in-situ eddy current monitoring system has the capability to monitor the crack growth quantitatively.