Feasibility Study on Stress Measurements using CdTe Pixel Detector and Synchrotron White X-Rays
鈴木 賢治 (新潟大) 城 鮎美 (量研機構) 豊川 秀訓 佐治 超爾 (高輝度光科学研究センター) 菖蒲 敬久 (JAEA)
カテゴリ: 第16回


In this study, we proposed a double exposure method using synchrotron white X-rays (DEM-WX) to measure strains of coarse-grained materials, and examined its feasibility. The X-ray diffractions were measured by a CdTe pixel detector. The CdTe pixel detector can resolve photon energy by changing a threshold voltage. Calibrating each pixel of the detector using characteristic X-rays of Pb and W foils, the images by threshold X-ray energy were obtained. The difference image, which is like a diffraction image with mono-chromatic X-ray, could be calculated by the difference between the images by the threshold X-ray energy. The material of the bending specimen was an austenitic stainless steel with a grain size of 300 μm. The strains of the bending specimen were measured using the DEM-WX, and the results corresponded to the applied strains measured by the strain gauge.